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2013 NCAA® Women's Volleyball Championships

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Molten is the Official Volleyball of the 2013 NCAA® Women's Volleyball Championships

Molten USA is proud to return to the court as the official volleyball of the 2013 NCAA® Division I, II & III Women's Volleyball Championships.

"Since the partnership with the NCAA began in 2005, it is obvious that both partners share common goals and philosophies when supporting the growing sport of volleyball," said Molten USA President Melissa Dawson, "With the shared vision of providing the highest quality volleyball for the elite level of student athlete, the NCAA and Molten have continued to provide top level championship play." Read full press release

Learn more about the 2013 NCAA® Women's Volleyball Championships: Division I - Division II - Division III
Molly Molten's journey to the Championships
Molly Molten

I can't properly express all of the feelings that I have at this moment! After a long journey to the Championships, Penn State has taken it all! With a wonderful crowd and incredible volleyball played by both teams, the 2013 NCAA Division I Volleyball Championship was truly an inspirational and life changing event. Hats off to Penn State...YOU are the 2013 National Champions!

My journey to Seattle was long and strenuous, but I am absolutely in awe of the people I have met and the places that I have been lucky enough to visit. The memories are sure to last a lifetime!

To all of my fellow NCAA volleyball fans: Farewell, dream BIG, and don't forget to share the joy of sport and play every chance that you get! See you next year!


Molly in Seattle
Day 67 - Molly Molten in Seattle

The final 4 teams are set!! It will be Wisconsin, Penn State, Washington and Texas battling it out this week for a chance in the finals. With only days until the Championship, I am anxious and ready to play!

Seattle is bustling, and I have been enjoying the wonderful people, beautiful sites, great food (SO good), and of course, the coffee! Seattle has done a fantastic job preparing for the Championships, and I see banners and announcements everywhere I go. It's truly a beautiful site to see!

                Molly Molten

Day 62- Molly Molten Meets the Seattle Monorail Bunny

Despite cold weather and the bustle of holiday travel, I have finally made it to the beautiful city of SEATTLE! With only a little more than a week until the NCAA® DI Women's Volleyball Championships, I can't wait to find out which teams will be joining me here in the 206!

The first stop on my list was to check out the Championship site, Key Arena. From my hotel in Westlake Center, I hopped on the Seattle Monorail. Tired from my trip, I was just about to take a quick snooze when I spotted someone looking at me across the way. Curious about this quiet onlooker, I turned around and introduced myself. As it turns out, it was the Seattle Monorail Bunny himself!

This famous Seattleite has had some interesting adventures of his own, and we took the short ride to get to know each other (Check out some of the Monorail Bunny's adventures!). Luckily I will be riding the Monorail quite a bit this coming week as my adventures in Seattle continue....stay tuned!

Will you be joining me at the Championships? Travel in style:


Day 55- Molly Molten Makes New Friends at USYVL

I am back on the mainland, and one step closer to my final destination: Seattle!
This holiday weekend, I was fortunate to spend a few days with my good friends at the United States Youth Volleyball League (or USYVL)! From casual pick-up games, to learning from the best (I took a clinic led by Pepperdine's Men's Head Coach, Marv Dunphy), I can safely say that I had a great time in California! And, I must admit, it was nice to have some warm weather before I head up north!

Molly Molten

Molly visits Hawaii with USA Volleyball Beach
Day 48- Molly Molten Plays Beach Volleyball in Hawaii

I must admit that it felt rather fantastic to roll off of the plane from Japan onto the picturesque shores of HAWAII! Determined to experience the "beach life," I met up with some of my friends from the USA Beach Volleyball Team. These athletes are incredible! Let's just say that I definitely prefer jumping on a court to the sand...I'm exhausted!

Visit - USA Volleyball Beach

Molly goes to Japan with USA Volleyball
Day 40 - Molly Molten visits JAPAN with the USA Volleyball Indoor National Team

I am officially star-struck AND an international traveler! I had no idea that my journey to the Championships would take me as far as Japan, but when invited to join the USA Volleyball Indoor National Team on their trip to the FIVB Grand Champions Cup, how could I decline?! From bus rides to practice, I joined the athletes and coaches that I have looked up to my whole volleyball career...everyday amazed at the determination, persistance, courage and passion that goes into being a member of the US National Team.

To top off this incredible week, I was able to watch the team take the silver medal against the best teams in the world! Talk about a great trip...I can't believe it's almost December! I better start heading towards Seattle....

Visit - USA Volleyball


Molly at Iowa
Day 30 - Molly Meets the Cyclones at Iowa State!

This week has been a whirlwind of activity with the great folks at Iowa State University! Not only did I get to a chance to meet the Cyclone Volleyball Team (I am a little star-struck), but I joined them in practice, AND had a chance to comment on their match against South Dakota.

The Cyclones play the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday! Go Cyclones!

Molly Molten

Molly Adventure
Day 24 - Molly Molten, Climber Extraordinaire!

Today I had a wonderful adventure - I went rock climbing with a good friend. Although it was tough at first, the farther I climbed, the more confidence I gained, and the easier it became!

I can't wait for Seattle...but first, I have a very important stop to make at one of my favorite schools. Can you guess where?

Molly Molten

Molly Molten visits Colorado State University
Day 16 - Molly visits the Colorado State University RAMS!

I have made it halfway across the country and have landed in the great state of Colorado. The good folks at Colorado State University are hosting me for the weekend, and I have already had an amazing visit!

Last night I had the opportunity to join the Ram Ruckus (CSU's super fans) to cheer on the UNDEFEATED CSU volleyball team to yet another victory. They now boast a perfect record of 18-0! It was truly an incredible night of NCAA Volleyball, and made me even more excited for the Championships. Go RAMS!

Molly Molten

Day 8 - Molly Sees the Court

I LOVE the moment before a serve. It is in this moment when you have the ultimate control of how that play starts (hopefully with an ACE!). The intensity of this great game amazes me everytime that I roll onto the court.

PS - This is a peek into the match that I played this week. Don't forget to stay up to date with match scores and rankings for your favorite teams!

Molly Molten goes to Practice Video
Day 4 - Even Volleyballs have to Practice!

Being an elite student athlete requires focus, perseverance and dedication. As an NCAA® Volleyball, it's my job to train hard at every practice...even when I am on the road. Check out my training video!

Molly heads towards seattle
Day 1 - Journey to the Championships in Louisville, KY

I have finally started my journey from Louisville to Seattle be a part of the 2013 NCAA® Women's Volleyball Championships. There's a LONG road ahead...I can't wait to share all of my adventures!
See you in the 206!

Molly Molten

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