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I just found this website...what is it?
Good question! Molten USA's Pass it Forward program is an interactive and educational youth program aimed at providing a positive, personal and meaningful learning experience that illuminates the concepts of sportsmanship, accountability and philanthropy.

During the program, participants are given a volleyball, basketball or soccer ball marked with the instructions Play with it, Post about it, Pass it on. It is our hope that each ball recipient will be 1) inspired to get out and play, 2) post about their experience on this website, 3) pass their ball forward to someone new to spread the experience of sport and play.

I want to apply! How can I participate in the Pass it Forward program?
Molten is always looking for new Pass it Forward participants. To apply to Pass it Forward, please use the online application form.

I was given a Pass it Forward ball…now what?
Congratulations! You are one of the lucky people to have the opportunity to interact with one of our Pass it Forward balls, and share your story. Here is a step by step list of all the things you can do:

  • Step 1 – PLAY WITH IT! You now have your unique Molten ball in your possession. This part is easy…go PLAY! You can bring it to practice, go play outside or even take it to school. What are you waiting for? Grab a friend, get active, and share your love of sports...don't forget to have FUN!

  • Step 2 – POST ABOUT IT!
  • Re-visit the Pass it Forward webpage (This website is also printed on your ball for easy reference). Once you have accessed the Pass it Forward web page, please select your sport. Once you are on your sport's page, use the comment function to share your story. Each story is unique; you can share what you and your ball have been up to, why you love sports, what you learned, or who you passed your ball to...it's up to you!

    You can also share your story through photos! Upload your photos on the site or post them through Instagram using #MoltenPassitForward. If it's easier, you can email photos to connect@moltenusa.com. Your photos could be featured on this website!

    Please note - To post a comment you will need to login to your personal Facebook account. (If you are under the age of 18 , please make sure you have your parent's permission to be online. It is very important that they monitor and approve the information you share). If you DO NOT have a Facebook account, we would be happy to share your story. Just send a quick email to connect@moltenusa.com and we will upload it to the site!

  • Step 3 – PASS IT ON! It's time for this ball to move on to its next adventure. Feel free to mark your ball if you wish. Maybe you want to autograph it or write a note to the next person. However you decide to leave your mark on your ball is PERFECT!
    As the first person to pass your ball, it's your job to transfer this information on to the next person. When you select someone to pass your ball to, we ask that you select someone who is as passionate as you about spreading the joy of sport and play.

How can I track my ball?
Each ball is marked with it's own unique number so that it can be easily identified. You will be able to track your ball through the comment section of each individual sport page.

I have photos of me and my ball…where can I send them?
Please upload your photos using the form on each individual sports page, or email them directly to Molten at connect@moltenusa.com! You can also post them to Instagram - just use the #MoltenPassitForward to make sure that they show up on the site!

My ball is too damaged to pass, what do I do now?
Normal wear and tear is perfectly normal, but sometimes our balls can get into a little too much trouble. If you believe your ball is too damaged to pass, please contact connect@moltenusa.com. We will tell you the next steps from there.

The writing is rubbing off of my ball. Can I fix it?
If you think that the website or instructions that are printed on the ball are getting dull, feel free to grab a sharpie and darken them for the next person! These balls get a lot of love, and we wouldn't want them getting lost!

Where else can I find fun Molten programs?
Find fun photos, giveaways, programs and activities on:

Why is Molten doing the Pass it Forward program?
Have you ever had someone give you a gift out of the blue? Has a stranger ever said something to you that made you smile? Pass it Forward is a way of life, and we want to participate. Give joy!

What else can I do to help the Pass it Forward program?
Molten is proud to offer special Give Joy products to help support it's philanthropic initiatives, including Pass it Forward. Learn more about how your purchase helps support sport and play - HERE.

Give us feedback!
What do you like about this program…what are your concerns? We would more than love to see what YOU think. Please contact us anytime at connect@moltenusa.com

I passed my ball forward, but I've checked for new posts and it doesn't seem to be traveling anymore. Where did it go?
Unfortunately, sometimes the balls get lost or misplaced. If you think your ball has gone missing, please notify us at connect@moltenusa.com. It will be added to our list of MIA (Missing in Action) Molten balls. Don't forget to tell us any important details you might recall…like where it was last seen or identifying marks on the ball (ie: your signature). Or if you know who has your ball now, maybe give them a gentle nudge to keep it moving and share the joy!

I submitted a request to receive a Pass It Forward ball, but never received a response.
While we cannot guarantee you will be selected to participate, we CAN guarantee you will receive a response from someone at Molten USA. Due to the large number of requests we receive, it may take up to 3 weeks before you get a response. If it has been over 3 weeks, please do us a BIG favor and resend your email and kindly remind us you haven't heard back. Thank you for loving this program and wanting to participate. We appreciate YOU!

More Questions?
Didn't see your question here? Feel free to contact us at connect@moltenusa.com or call us at 1(800) 477-1994