Give Joy and Pass it Forward

We, at Molten USA, believe in the amazing power of sport and play. At the foundation of our company is a tremendous desire to spread this joy to people and athletes of all ages and abilities. We know that sport and play can motivate, inspire, and change us at our core. With this commitment at the forefront, Molten has launched its Give Joy initiative which encompasses numerous programs committed to this simple goal.

One of the newest elements of Molten's Give Joy initiative is the Pass It Forward program. Through this program we hope to connect and inspire our online community of friends and athletes to continue our mission of spreading the joy of sport and play throughout the world. Besides discussing important topics such as philanthropy, sportsmanship and accountability, Pass it Forward encourages kids to be active participants in a global community.

Once accepted to participate, applicants will be sent a custom marked volleyball, basketball or soccer ball. Each ball is printed with the instructions: Play with it, Post about it, Pass it on! To complete their Pass it Forward mission, we will ask participants to do just that:

  • PLAY with it - You now have your unique Molten ball in your possession. This part is easy…go PLAY! You can bring it to practice, go play outside or even take it to school. What are you waiting for? Grab a friend, get active, and share your love of sports...don't forget to have FUN!

  • POST about it- Re-visit this website and select your sport. Once you are on your sport's page, use the comment function to share your story. Each story is unique; you can share what you and your ball have been up to, why you love sports, what you learned, or who you passed your ball's up to you!

    You can also share your story through photos! Upload your photos on the site or post them through Instagram using #MoltenPassitForward. If it's easier, you can email photos to Your photos could be featured on this website!

    Please note - To post a comment you will need to login to your personal Facebook account. (If you are under the age of 18 , please make sure you have your parent's permission to be online. It is very important that they monitor and approve the information you share). If you DO NOT have a Facebook account, we would be happy to share your story. Just send a quick email to and we will upload it to the site!

  • PASS it on - It's time for this ball to move on to its next adventure. Feel free to mark your ball if you wish. Maybe you want to autograph it or write a note to the next person. However you decide to leave your mark on your ball is PERFECT!
    As the first person to pass your ball, it's your job to transfer this information on to the next person. When you select someone to pass your ball to, we ask that you select someone who is as passionate as you about spreading the joy of sport and play.

  • Join the movement and help us spread the power of sport and play through the joy of giving!

  • Want to play? Apply for your chance to participate in the Pass it Forward program!

  • If you were given a Pass it Forward ball, continue to your sports' page: Volleyball - Basketball - Soccer

  • Still have questions? Visit our FAQ's or send us an email at